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HTML form generation tool for UserLand Frontier and Radio UserLand


Formz: HTML form building for UserLand Frontier and Radio UserLand

Formz is a suite of scripts for UserLand Frontier and Radio UserLand, to simplify the creation, manipulation and rendering of HTML forms. Using Formz, you can create the UI elements of an HTML form through a series of script calls. The resulting form table can them be passed through a renderer to output HTML. Renderers allow for a separation of your UI logic from the actual HTML output, so that you may easily update or switch renderers to change the appearance of your form without modifying your underlying code. Several example renderers are included with Formz, and you may also write your own. You may also store the form table, and manipulate the values in it through script calls to, for example, maintain state of a form through a session.

Formz is used by Macrobyte as a supporting piece for Conversant's admin interface and wizards. Though not actually part of the Conversant software, Formz handles the HTML forms for preferences, page properties in the admin interface's structure editor, and other areas.


While you may use Formz free of charge, in compliance with the terms of the license, you can support the continued development of this product by making a donation to Macrobyte Resources. Contact


  1. Download the current Formz release.
  2. Decompress the folder
  3. For Frontier, it is recommended you place the Formz.root database in the "Guest Databases:apps" folder within your Frontier installation folder. For Radio UserLand, it is recommended that you place the Formz.root database in the "Tools" folder inside your Radio Userland installation folder.
  4. Open Formz.root in Frontier or Radio, by selecting "File->Open" in the menu.
  5. Open the QuickScript window, and run: formz.install(). This will setup Formz.root in user.databases to be automatically opened whenever you launch Frontier or Radio Userland. It will also install a root update configuration at user.rootupdates.servers, so that you will be able to update the software without reinstalling a new release.

An uninstaller, formz.uninstall(), is available should you later change your mind.

Getting Started

Look at the #EXAMPLE script for an idea of how to get started using the Formz suite.

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